New Beginnings Learning Academy Procedures and Safety Plan 2020-2021

New Beginnings Learning Academy is committed to the health and wellness of all children, staff and our community. We are continually working to stay on top of New York State Department of Education guidelines along with those put in the place by the New York State Department of Health. We have established a plan to continue to provide quality education and care for our families, while ensuring that proper steps have been taken to do our part in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. New Beginnings will continue to be open on a normal schedule for all classrooms. While we understanding that these are confusing and troubling times, we appreciate  everyones patience and understanding with all New Beginnings requirements and guidelines that have been put into place.


     All patrons entering the building (students, staff, parents, visitors) must have a protective face covering. Entry will not be permitted for any individuals not wearing protective face covering.

    Students will be encouraged to wear mask during the day as much as developmentally appropriate. Students will be allowed to remove masks at all meal times ( snacks and lunch) as well as during nap times. When proper social distancing can be practiced by maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet, children will also be allowed to remove masks.

    While on the playground, children will not be required to wear mask. Children will also be encouraged to play at a safe distance from one another. When children are participating in any close contact games or type of play, staff will encourage the use of masks. 

    Any students unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition, including those that  wearing a mask would impair their physical or mental health, will not be required to wear one.  Proper documentation from a doctor will be required to be kept on file as proof of such. 

    All staff and students will be trained in the proper techniques to put on, take off, discard and clean personal face coverings.


     Each classroom will maintain ratios that comply with proper six foot distancing  for students when needed. Children will wear masks when working closely with one another. 

    Teachers will assign children to small cohorts or groups within each classroom. These groups will allow the children to move throughout the rooms and centers together with limited exposure to multiple students. Group actives and play centers will be set up to allow groups to shift throughout the classroom. Areas will be disinfected after each group has left a certain area. 

         Extracurricular activities will be permitted as long as all groups follow the same social distancing requirements and restrictions. 

    New Beginnings will be limiting the amount of bidirectional traffic throughout the building. Signage has been posted to instruct patrons on the correct flow of traffic. During busy drop off and pick up times, stairwell traffic will remain oneway as well as the main hallway.

    Floor markers will be put in place to ensure that all patrons are aware of where they should be standing in order to maintain distance from others.

    Parents will not be permitted into the classrooms at drop off and pick up time while the children are occupying the room. 

    Parents will be asked to stop at the doorway and wait for a staff member to accept or dismiss their children. 

    Parents will be allowed to enter the classroom if the children are not physically in the room. (Playground, lunch room, etc.)


     New Beginnings will be opening on a normal 5 day schedule. Students will be expected to social distance and wear a mask when necessary. 

    Children will be using individual materials whenever possible.

    Children will be assigned table spots and chairs that will be labeled with their names. 

    When working in small groups, teachers will use a designated work area that will be disinfected before and after each group meeting. 

    Children will practice frequent hand washing including before eating, after using the bathroom, and whenever they are dirty. 

    Teachers will be using Google Classroom as an additional tool during the school year. Homework and assignments will be posted for children and parents. Through the use of Google Classroom, we hope to lower the amount of hand to hand transmission between home and school.


     Virtual learning opportunities will be provided in the event that schools are not permitted to open for in-person instruction. Each classroom will be set up with a google classroom account and each child will be required to have a Gmail account for school- home communication purposes. Teachers will post all assignments and activities to the google classroom for the students. New Beginnings Administration will also use Google classroom for direct communication along with our text messaging system, school email, website and social media.

Failure to sign in each day and complete any assigned work will be reflected in their grade. Any students that are not signing in or completing assignments will be reported to the NYS Department of Education. (Elementary students only)

    Teachers will schedule times for a virtual meetings with the students to provide . Elementary teachers will also provide various one hour windows for students to meet virtually with the teacher for any one on one, or group help or instruction that may be needed. These times will vary to allow for any children that may not have access to computer until a later time in the day. 

    Younger students in New Beginnings (Pre-K and Preschool) will be given a variety of activities that can be completed at home. Teachers will continue a course of themed work for the student and parents to follow.  

    Virtual learning will also be provided to any students that are enrolled at New Beginnings, but may be forced to stay home due to a mandated quarantine because of an exposure, or positive test to COVID-19. Upon returning to school, the children will be expected to complete all assignments in school. 


Students and Family:

    At entry to the building students temperatures will be taken and documented. Any student with a fever of 100.0 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter the building. 

    Each day the staff will verbally question the parents and children of how they are feeling and note if there are any symptoms or changes in behavior.

    Weekly health check questionnaires will be required and sent home through google classroom for the parents/guardians to fill out. Failure to fill out or return the weekly health check will result in refusal of services. 

    Any questions that are answered with a YES, will determine that that those children will not be allow to attend school. Parents will be instructed to contact their primary doctor and local health officials to determine the next course of action.


 All staff members must report to the main office each morning and are required to have their temperature taken and recorded. They must also complete a staff health check questionnaire daily.    

    Any questions that are answered with a YES, will determine that that staff member will not be permitted to work. Staff members will be instructed to contact their primary doctor and local health officials to determine the next course of action.


    Any visitors entering the building will be required to have their temperature taken and recorded and fill out a visitor health check questionnaire. Visitors will also be required to leave their contact information in the event of a COVID-19 exposure. No visitors will be permitted without a face covering. 


     In the event that a student develops any of the following symptoms : Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, muscle or body aches, or recent loss of taste or smell, they will be sent to the schools main office. New Beginnings administration will assess the situation and notify the parent/guardian by phone. On confirmation of symptoms, the student will be sent home.  The student will wait with their belongings in the school office until a parent/guardian or emergency contact can come and pick them up. 

    Parents will then need to contact their primary care physician along with the NYS Department of Health . Parents should communicate with New Beginnings staff any suggestions or procedures that have been outlined to them by doctors and/or the Health Department. 

    In order to return to school parents will  be required to provide a doctors note stating that the child has either tested negative for COVID-19, or that the symptoms are not related to COVID-19 and that they are ok to return to school. New Beginnings Sickness policy, as outlined in the Parent Handbook must be followed as well. 

    Any areas where sick children have come in contact with will be disinfected immediately using bleach and water.


     Any person ( student, parent, or staff) testing positive for COVID-19 must report to their physician and Local Health Department, as well as to New Beginnings Administration. Infected persons must quarantine for 14 days and will not be allowed back to school with out a doctors note.  New Beginnings will also contact the NYS Department of Health to insure that proper quarantine procedures are followed. 

    For student or staff diagnosis, any children that came into contact with that child will also be notified by phone from New Beginnings staff. They will be instructed to contact their physician and Health Department to determine their risk level. If the student or staff member were symptomatic while on school premises then the classroom that the infected student was placed will be closed for a total of 14 days to allow for cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Any children enrolled in that class will also be required to quarantine for 14 days. If the child or staff member becomes symptomatic while away from the school, then only that person will be require to quarantine, however the class will still be notified of possible transmission. 

    For parent or household member diagnosis, the child or children living in that household will not be allowed to attend school for a total of 14 days.


    For any students that are forced to quarantine, New Beginning staff will continue to conduct daily virtual learning opportunities for all enrolled students. Please see procedures for Virtual Learning. 


     Parents will be required to call the school on any day that their child will not be attending. Parents/Guardians will also be required to fill out a detailed absence note for any days that they were not in attendance. Children will not be allowed back without a signed note.


     Regular cleaning will be conducted everyday. In addition to this New Beginnings staff will use conduct the following cleaning procedures to limit any transmission of any communicable sicknesses: All hard surfaces will be cleaned with soap and water and/or wiped down with a solution of bleach and water after each use. Bleach Solutions will be made daily (1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 quart of water). Touch screens will sprayed with a disinfecting spray when not in use and all patrons will be required to use hand sanitizer before using the screen. All handrails and door handles will be sprayed down a minimum of twice a day. Any toys being used by the children will be sprayed with bleach and water solution or washed with soap and water after each use and left to dry before being put back on the shelf. Staff members will spray or wipe down classroom bathrooms when acceptable. Cleaning logs will be posted in all bathrooms


     Upon arrival to the building all visitors, staff, students and parents must either wash their hands with warm water and soap or use hand sanitizer. 

    All staff members and children will wash hands frequently throughout the day, after using the bathroom, before eating or handling food and when dirty.

    All staff and students will be instructed on the proper hand washing techniques.


     Children will be required to wash their hands before eating. Children will be asked to bring a refillable water bottle labeled with their name each daily. Water fountains will be closed to staff and students except to refill a water bottle.

     New Beginnings requests that food items to be easy to open to help reduce contact between staff and students while opening packages and containers.

    Children will either eat their lunch in their classrooms or in our main lunchroom. Only one class will use the lunchroom at a time and children will be spaced accordingly throughout the room. 

As guidelines and recommendations are ever changing, New Beginnings may edit or modify these plans whenever necessary. Parents will be notified of any changes through the use of our text messaging system, email, website, social media and google classroom.  We look forward to a safe and educational year with you.